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The PCN has been working with Three Hive for over four years and hiring them to be our evaluation consultants was one of the best decisions I made as ED. While Kristy has been our main point of contact, all of the staff are professional, talented and - best of all - actually make evaluation interesting! Their support and input is always effective and have significantly helped in the assessment and on-going evolution of the PCN’s business processes and programming.
— Leanne McGeachy (Previous Edmonton North PCN Executive Director)
We entered into the contract to work with Three Hive last spring very naive about what a program evaluation entailed - where to begin - what was required - how it would ultimately be completed. Your leadership to help steer the process, your patience to continue to piece together the convoluted data, and your willingness to make edits, additions and improvements has been so sincerely appreciated. I can honestly say I don’t think there are many “small independent medical clinics” that would have been able to complete this kind of rigorous evaluation process.
— Evonne Black (Board Member for Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation)

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