How have the support provided by the Heavy Users of Service project changed how Edmonton’s most vulnerable access health, justice and social services? Are there less emergency department visits? Fewer interactions with police? Better access to housing? Are they more self-sufficient?


We worked with stakeholders from health, justice and human services organizations to obtain data and uncover the service utilization patterns of HUoS clients. We talked with HUoS clients to understand their story and how HUoS has impacted their lives. This information was compiled into a report using storytelling and engaging data visualization principles. A whiteboard animation was then created to highlight the stories of the HUoS clients.


The findings have helped inform the development of a scalable model that the team hopes can help more clients. In addition, the findings, particularly the clients’ stories, have been used by the HUoS team to bring awareness and understanding to the work they do and the clients they serve. Being able to elicit and tell the clients’ stories was something that had not been done before and was said to be particularly impactful. Currently the findings are being used to help advocate for sustained financial funding for the project.